Sales Associate at Essence of Beads

Diaw Sankara

Job Opportunity at Essence of Beads in Perimeter Mall

Full Time
Posted Wed, Aug 23
Diaw Sankara

As a Sales Associate for our waistbead business, your primary responsibility is to provide excellent customer service and promote our products. You will assist customers in finding the perfect waistbeads, answer their questions, and ensure they have a positive experience with our business. Your goal is to meet sales targets while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

● Greet and welcome customers, providing a warm and friendly atmosphere.
● Assist customers in finding waistbeads that suit their preferences and needs.
● Provide product knowledge and educate customers on the different types of
waistbeads available.
● Offer styling suggestions and help customers create personalized waistbead
● Process sales transactions accurately and efficiently using the point of sale
(POS) system.
● Maintain a clean and organized Kiosk, ensuring that waistbeads are properly
● Present customers with appropriate information about African culture and the
culture of waistbeads.
● Stay up-to-date with product inventory and restock as needed.
● Handle customer inquiries, concerns, and complaints in a professional and timely

● Collaborate with team members to achieve sales goals and contribute to a
positive work environment.
● Attend product training sessions to enhance knowledge and stay informed about
new arrivals and trends.