Security Officer at Andy Frain Services

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Job Opportunity at Andy Frain Services in Perimeter Mall

Part Time
Posted Mon, Apr 26
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In this position, you must be able to work flexible schedules and respond to work assignments with little to no advance notice. Must have access to reliable transportation. Weekends required. Security personnel will always perform job duties with a constant awareness of surroundings, making note of any and all activity that takes place in the assigned area. Security Officers must maintain a professional image and demonstrate excellent customer service at all times.

Responsibilities (duties may vary):

  • Maintain professional image that includes greeting customers, visitors and employees in a polite and friendly manner.
  • Be proactive in knowing all revisions to post orders and general information distributed by the customer and AFS.
  • Patrol physical property or maintain fixed post position, being diligent to report any suspicious activity and investigate accidents and criminal acts.
  • Monitor cameras or equipment in a continuous fashion as outlined in the post orders.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of all emergency policies, procedures and regulations to be able to respond to alarms, incidents and emergency situations.
  • Complete Daily Activity Reports, Log Book entries, Incident Reports and all relevant reports related to job assignment.
  • Have knowledge of any life safety systems, fire panels, CCTV system computer, and other such equipment to complete job assignments. Ensure continuous and safe operation of all elevators and access doors. Know authorized contractor personnel who are responsible for maintenance and upkeep of equipment.
  • Ensure training and compliance guidelines are met as outlined by AFS and other agencies regulating the customer / market.

Minimum Qualifications: High School Diploma and/or equivalent (GED), must be willing to submit to a background investigation, minimum 3–6 months prior experience, and position is subject to pre employment drug screening.